What is Spiritual Activism?

Spiritual Activism, for me, is the merging of spirituality and activism. It comes from your entire being, not just the heart or the head.  It is something that vibrates within you that you cannot ignore that is compassionate, multi-perspective, determined, life-enhancing, fierce and transformative.

Without working on these changes within to transform are own self, is counterproductive to any avenue of activism we undertake. To do otherwise can result in elevated egos, righteousness, rage, anger, resentment, violence and killing.  

When we come from our entire Being, we do so with the intention of making a positive difference on this incredible planet, Earth, upon which we live.  It is a way to choose our battles wisely, by picking the ones where we know we can make a difference, without compromising our beliefs or our integrity in the act.

In the list on the left, I have shared areas where I feel strong attachments, with ways for you to consider taking action if any of them resonate with you.

With much gratitude for considering to support these areas.... and if not, to seek out your own areas with which you resonate, to bring healing to Earth and yourself.