I teach various types of very light yoga classes that are done to special sound healing. There are a total of four but at the moment, I am only offering the below two from which I have found people benefit most.  These four yogas are known collectively as Devi Satva Yoga, also called 'The Yoga of Illumination.'  They were received by the mystic, Almine, who also received the Belvaspata Angelic Healing that I practice.

All exercises are with light stretching and simple poses.  Emphasis is not on strength and endurance, but on focus and breathing. All exercises are repeated for each class, but the meditations that are included will be different each time.

Irash Satva

There are 26 postures with specific breathing techniques and gentle tapping on pressure points to cleanse the body of blockages from past and present lives, specifically related to trauma and/or belief systems around abundance. For example, perhaps someone said to you as a teenager, "You'll never make it in business," or in another life you never had enough to eat and always had to beg.

Clearing this trauma and restricting beliefs allows us to access the abundance/resources of the Infinite & increase our own. A meditation and discussion on some of the 144 Principles of Abundance that make up this body of work, starts each session and special sound healing accompanies the exercises to help with release and insights. Listen to a sample sound healing below.

Shrihat Satva

This class covers 24 postures that balance the feminine and masculine, integrating specific breathing rhythms and eye movements to trigger release of suppressed and retained trauma from past incarnations, birth & early childhood. I have found personally that the eye movement in these exercises is particularly effective. 

A meditation starts each session and sound healing assists with release and insights.  The meditation uses what is called'The Poetry of Dreaming'. It is an important aspect of the exercises as it helps to non-cognitively clear unresolved issues, old belief systems, memories of pain and distorted emotions. Listen to a sample sound healing below.

Energy Exchange:  $33
Duration: 2 hours
Please wear comfortable clothing and bring your own yoga mat.
For your wellbeing, refrain from eating in the 1.5 hours prior to the session.