Oliver Sayson, Singapore
I went for Regina's Sacred Languages of the Self workshop and boy, was it an experience. I never really expected that I would be able to speak any of these languages, let alone glimpse a past life memory and release, well, quite a lot of sadness and anger related to it. I could feel the energies at the back of my neck and flowing down through my body. At the end, my hands and feet were not tingling; they were vibrating. So it's definitely worth experiencing this workshop, even if you doubt you'd be able to speak anything. Thanks and blessings, Regina.

Yuna Angell (HarvardX graduate, indie author & aspiring Writing Therapy Trainer), Singapore
Songs of the Sacred Self was a nice and cosy back drop for the Writing Therapy (Healing the Self Through Poetry/Writing) session Regina facilitated. Her writing activities were very interactive and intuitive. She helps to use her space and with her guidance, she brought about a safe space for all the participants to share about their current thoughts and feelings in their own personal lives, especially for myself. As a participant and witness to the process in the session, there were dark themes that came up and Regina was very open to help with the discussion on dealing with the Light and the Darker themes of life. I have learned so much from Regina and the participants in the session. She made sure everyone had time to share and she was very open about discussing about things that came up for herself too in the session. I thoroughly enjoyed having different perspectives of my stuff I am dealing with currently in life. And I am glad that Regina has kept the session affordable and accessible. Thank you Regina for being such a wonderful facilitator and human being!

Family of Sylvia Spurway, Germany
Jürgen, Ronja and Luitgard enjoyed the session with you, and they are really totally stunned about yourself, and how you communicate with the spiritual world. How normal it comes to you. Thanks for seeing us on a short notice and giving them a treat and a great experience. Thanks so much for being who you are, sharing and giving in a way that everyone feels blessed. Happy our Paths have crossed. 

A short update:   You confirmed what we knew deep down, and shed some light of some of our mysteries, sorrows and worries.  We felt so good afterwards - so light, floating happily and so blessed. The work with the faeries and unicorns is unique and it is a blessing knowing you. Lots of things happen since August and 80% of what you said and recommended has been happened. It was such a lovely atmosphere, loved the house and the cats. My sister started her herbal garden and is enjoying it a lot. Her husband and daughter are very happy with the reading and still talking a lot about it. Jürgen has started to look into different option for a career, and Ronja finally learns how to put herself first. 
Much love and gratitude
Jürgen, Luitgard, Ronja and Sylvia

Melissa Lin, Malaysia
My session with Regina was heart and mind opening on many levels. We worked over Skype and I was guided by her to enter into a deep space of healing and journeying. It came as a huge surprise as I entered into an encounter in that journey, with that which was infinitely loving, expansive and immense. Regina explained that I was experiencing my true self. My mind found it hard to take in that I existed in that spectrum of multi dimensionality, and that I was that spirit or being of love, light and magnificence. My heart felt a raw truth and I was held in a healing and warm embrace of unconditional love. 

Throughout the session, Regina guided me to go into the journey in a deeper way. Her ability to tune in to wherever I was, and help to see and connect with exactly what I needed to witness and experience for my own healing is remarkable. She is a wonderful guide on anybody’s spiritual or healing journey and I highly recommend working with her.

Deanna Brown, Canada
I was introduced to Regina through one of my friends. When I first heard of Belvaspata, I had no idea of what to expect. At the time I was going through some pretty big life changes myself and thought it would be interesting to see if this could help me. After the first session I was shocked at how well I had been sleeping and waking refreshed in the mornings. As the sessions went on I was able to release a lot of old negative feelings about myself and life in general.

The world I used to see as a dark and gloomy place has now turned into the most beautiful awe-inspiring creation that surrounds me. I no longer feel the need to be a people pleaser but to be a strong woman that loves to help others now out of love and compassion and not fear of losing someone’s love. I feel whole and happy for the first time in my 46 yrs on this earth. I am open to everything around me and find peace, even in a stressful situation. I am very thankful that I had the opportunity to have connected to Regina and the beautiful gift she has given me. MY LIFE!

Helen, Australia
I recently received the beautiful gift of healing through Belvaspata from Regina. I was going through a difficult time and the stresses were affecting my health both physically and mentally. Regina’s healing sessions helped me to let go of the anxiety that I was experiencing.

During the sessions I felt an overwhelming calmness in mind and body. After each session I slept peacefully and woke with a renewed energy. I felt like I was reconnecting with Spirit. Thank you Regina – your beautiful soul and gift for healing have been a blessing for me.

Noor Najafi, San Francisco, CA, USA
I experience Regina to a sincere, meticulous healer and diligent caring professional. I love the expansion meditations she leads at the beginning of the Belvaspata sessions. They are so beautiful, inclusive, and immediately connect me to her in vastness. At the end of the sessions, I appreciate how Regina shares what came up as “strong” for her during the healing; usually, I resonate with what she shares, and there is a correspondence to my own process.

In my experience, Regina holds a comfortable, safe container for anything to emerge. In a session prior, sacred words of an ancient tongue previously unbeknownst to me poured through my mouth spontaneously, and Regina continued her work with ease. I believe that is my light language. Additionally, I have experienced numerous activations and shifts in different parts of my body during or after Belvaspata sessions with Regina. I wholeheartedly recommend Regina’s healing services to all, particularly those serious about and valuing their healing journey and growth. I would like to remark that Regina is not the average healer you might find. I find her to be particularly gifted, skilled, caring, strong, and attentive in her work–with integrity. May she bless others, as she has blessed me.

I really enjoy Saradesi Satva Yoga. For me, it brings together the art forms of beautiful mystical poetry with the opportunity to put to movement our interpretation of the words. It puts to rest the cognitive mind’s need to understand and “get [something] right” and instead allows us to see what can be expressed through us, when we surrender and tune into a partnership with the poetry of our soul.

I appreciate the freedom this yoga offers - with interludes of simple grounding postures and breathing exercises. And, I am aware that static energy breaks up and moves out for me during the practice of this yoga. I highly recommend exploring this Yoga. It's liberating and fun.

Nancy and William Law, Singapore
I heard about Belvaspata healing when I got to know Regina last year.
Sharing with her the stress that I am going through.
I had brought over the beading business for only four years and it was not plain sailing.
As I am running the business alone, I started to pay more attention to it and neglect the feelings of my husband and son….

Suddenly we are not communicating as we always did.
My son will hide behind the computer and my husband only talk about his job if I asked.
I always complained that they are having a difference frequency with me.
For them they feel I am not aware of their own problems – work, school etc….

My husband started his new course for Business Management Diploma and the stress caused everything to go out of control.
We started to quarrel more and more frequent.
To prevent the fighting he started to distant himself.
Passing the stress to my son as he hid behind the computer the moment he is home.

Regina did the first session for me and my husband.
She is perfectly right when she gave us feedback on healing occurring.
We had a few more session with her and things changed for the better.
Our outlook of life changed and we started to take steps to solve the problems.

We started to communicate and give our own point of view why we are angry with each other.
Now we try to spend time dining out together as a couple more often.
To take the opportunity to resolve conflict and share idea, to improve our relationship, business, his work, raising of our son, etc…
My relationship with my customers also improved when I explain to them the policy I need for my survival in this beading business.

My husband also enjoyed the benefit of his study and is not so stress with it.
He is even more confidence at work now.
As he knows, what he had been doing previously is in the right direction.

We explain to our son what happened to us and how we resolved it.
My son also improved after his sessions of Belvaspata healing.
Not so stressed now, realized he is not the cause of our quarrel, which is a relief for him.
He also doesn’t play so much computer games.
Studying very hard hoping to get better grades for his coming major exam.

To all who have never try Belvaspata Healing.
Our advice is to give it a go. You will find the healing session very rewarding.
We did and we are very thankful for Regina help.
It saved our marriage and bonded us closer with our son.

Ayuri, Singapore
Regina's Healing with the Unicorn session was very relaxing and helped me discover deeper about myself. My vision shifted and my rocks in my heart dissolved with the Unicorns too :) Thanks Regina for a customized session!

E.H., Singapore
Regina is highly intuitive. The message conveyed by her during session is a spot-on! It's kinda hearing the right message at the right time. Personally, I love the Belvaspata Angel Healing a lot as it restores my stability in terms of my energy at a time when I was having a rollercoaster ride of emotions. And, the session was really easy, relaxing and pleasant and yet immense healing was completed. I was once very afraid of sleeping in the dark and had overcome that now which I believe it's part of my trauma release done during the session. And this is a major breakthrough for me as I had been working on this for years! Now, I am just blessed that I've connected with Regina and experienced her awesome healing work.

Highly recommend this session and Regina's works in general!

M.L., Singapore
When I first came across Regina's Shrihat Satva workshop, I was intrigued by the possibility of working with past traumas and releasing them. I went to the session out of curiosity but experienced a deep healing. A number of the exercises brought up strong emotions. During one pose, Regina very kindly and gently helped to move some stuck energy through my body. The result was a feeling of release and later that night, the most restful sleep I'd had in months. This practice is a wonderful way of getting the mind out of the way and allowing the body to process emotions. Regina is highly intuitive and seems to know just what is needed to facilitate healing. Thank you for the work you do!

Vivienne Loh Hwei Chuen, Singapore
Regina's gifts are remarkable and not limited to her ability to activate healing voices in a person, her insightful, inspired messages and her sensitivity to energy. As a person, and in her sessions, she is also caring, compassionate and honest. She is the kind of healer I aspire to be,  who is both intuitive and intelligent and relatable. I had a wonderful session with her and felt fed and nourished from the inside.

Fervin Tan, Singapore
I recently had a healing session with Regina and it truly was a mind blowing experience. She was able to detect and activate the hidden gifts in my soul self and within minutes light language codes were flowing out from my mouth. It was a beautiful and powerful energy which I have never felt before. A life transforming session and would recommend to those who are looking for a positive energy shift in your life! Thank you for the healing Regina.

Mandy Y, Singapore
Regina, the lovely guru, thank you for the guidance and wisdom, thanks for the healing session. The session has called out what I can never thought of.  It was a very important session for me to know what happen and connect to the tree spirit guides. I start to paint and I can feel the energy flow well. It was really amazing and I wanted to let you know that you are truly gifted.

Eva, Singapore
My session with Regina has been amazing. It was intense for I was brought back to the era where there a need to release and heal. She not pushy and shares her insight with me with love and patience.

Sylvia, Singapore
I used to feel anger rise up inside me especially when it came to old issues that were set in place in the past. Regina worked with me for a round of Belvaspata sessions, attending to different aspects of healing I needed. I feel much calmer now and the anger I used to feel has completely gone.

The unusual and effective thing about Regina’s work is that she has the ability to do distance healing and most of the time I was in the comfort of my own home, when healing was being carried out. She is also a very caring, sincere and loving person who is truly interested in the wellbeing of her clients.

The Hakulit is an exceptionally good process for one to crystallize thoughts and gain clarity for the future. I found that when Regina took me through the process of identifying issues and resolving them, I came out of the session with action plans and ideas of what to do next. It is a wonderful opportunity to introspect and find my own answers in life.

I have tried to expand my business for many years through a variety of business models and somehow none of my ideas had worked. Going through the Hakulit process with Regina made me realize that I was barking up the wrong tree. I had the answer right in front of me but had not seen it.

Ahila, Singapore
Well definitely it’s my pleasure to share my experiences. Firstly the Belvaspata healing worked really well for me. Initially I had no idea of Belvaspata healing and its significance, but I wanted to try it out. After the first few sessions, I was able to control my emotions really well. I always had the tendency to break down due to the problems I faced but after few sessions I was able to look at the positive side of the effect and control my emotion to a large extent.

Furthermore, it has helped me to address my health issues where towards the last few sessions some of my health issues such as joint aches and digestive issues were resolved. Hence the Belvaspata healing helps both mentally and physically to be healthy.

These sessions have made me connect to the Angels around me. And these angels are always helping me even now.

Well, the Almine music is a powerful tool too. It has the power to change a person’s mood to a calming state. I have not listened to these kinds of music before the sessions. I have even laughed when I first listened to them. But as I continued to listen every day without fail and whenever I feel down, I was stunned by the change. I can’t explain the feeling by words, it really needs to be experienced. As time goes, the music will just tune in automatically in the mind if someone scolds or if you are feeling down. As a result, there will not be much hatred, anger or outrageous reactions.

Thank you so much for the sessions Regina. It has really changed my perspective of life.

The session on Hakulit is an extraordinary healing method. It is an eye opener for me. Even though it is a “card game”, I reckon it is life game that opens up TRUTH. And after the “game”, it feels extremely relieving. When I had to choose my cards during the session, it was extremely shocking to see that the cards reflected what I am going through in LIFE.

Those cards would be shuffled and faced down, so the party choosing will have no idea on what is inside the card and moreover it is written in the Language of the Infinite I guess, but not English. So it is not intentionally picked and I was stunned by the outcome.

When I was going through each card and the healing procedure, I came to know more about MYSELF and meaning of LIFE. To be honest, it gave me the direction that leads to my identity. It actually reveals what the soul is yearning for and what needs to be done for it to be satisfied. Now, I know what is my next step and I am currently searching for opportunities.

Before I went for these sessions, I was always in a state of confusion on what I want and how to be happy. Now I know the solution, which is awesome. Every human being wants happiness and satisfaction but I guess most people are unaware of it especially in such a busy lifestyle.

I also learnt to do what my soul wants rather than pleasing others to get recognition, which is not giving me any happiness. And at the end of the Hakulit, the Manifestation card that Regina gave me is guiding me wherever I go.

Jenni, New Zealand
Over the last few months I’ve tried all three of the yogas with Regina but the one that resonates with me the most is Irash Satva Yoga. The tapping in this yoga somehow helps to release stuck energy in me and I can feel shifts happening during and after the yoga.

Currently I am without a job and perhaps this tapping into abundance is the release of incarnations of lack being released. In a recent session, I experienced vibrations throughout my entire body that lasted through several postures, something I’ve not experienced previously during the yogas. I trust in my knowingness that non-cognitively these postures are shifting my awareness to a higher consciousness.

Regina leads you through the yoga's in a very caring yet precise manner, slipping from one posture to another in a seamless unfolding.