INTUITIVE HEALING SESSIONS are made up of two or more of the below components and at times I also use crystals, depending on what I feel is best for you.  However, if you feel completely drawn to only the angels, then these sessions can be done without the interaction of other Beings. This is the first part of your healing journey with me of self-empowerment - for you to choose that which resonates with you and to trust in your choice.

Sacred Languages of the Self

These ancient & timeless languages are always spoken during healing sessions. They are similar to Light Language and there are many, what I call "dialects", of them.  It's a way to reach through to your deepest Being in a non-cognitive manner, without you boxing the meaning in with the everyday spoken language of your mind.  I can sense when someone has the ability to speak their own Sacred Languages and at times in healing sessions, they can be released.  Releasing these Languages, contributes greatly to your own self-healing process, for in them are held many memories and associated emotions.  


When the Dragons come into a healing, it can be an emotional and cathartic experience, often working with your Primal Force that has been squashed, and making space for significant shifts in energy and every day life changes.  Dragons help you to reach into yourself for courage and to bring forth your innate capabilities and gifts, your own truth and personal power.  These are things that can help you first and foremost, to heal yourself and later, when cultivated, can be used to assist others in their healing process.

Dark Unicorns

Dark Unicorns help access repressed emotions and deep memories.  Often these memories are associated to traumatic events in this life or in other lives. The Unicorns come to guide you through them and into the light of perception and understanding of these events. At times, this process can also bring reconnection to long forgotten guides and elders.

Belvaspata Angel Healing

*Belvaspata Angel Healing uses sacred sigils and thousands of angels can be called in over a series of sessions.  It is often a much softer energy that surrounds the client when the angels come.  Healing is for emotions that affect the physical pain body, past and current life trauma, remembering of one's Divinity and restoring frequencies back to the body that have been trapped in the past. Special pricing is available if you wish sessions of Belvaspata only (info at the bottom of this page).

Listen to an interview with me below about my Belvaspata experiences...

Munay-Ki Rite & Oneness Deeksha Blessing

All sessions include a Oneness Deeksha Blessing which is meant to facilitate and connect your deepest self to the Infinite.  It is an energy transfer that brings about growth in consciousness.  

A Munay-Ki Rite is an energetic transmission that can be given, if appropriate, during a session. When you receive one of the nine Munay-Ki Rites, the seeds of this blessing are sown in you and begin to grow and flow into your life gently to facilitate spiritual transformation and the upgrade of your luminous energy field. 

Energy Exchange:  $130 per hour
Duration:  1  hour

Skype sessions available
Usually, you will have some 'spiritual homework' to assist in the continuation of your healing process.


  • Packages are available should you only wish to have Belvaspata Angelic Healing.  
  • The first session of Belvaspata is always 1.5 hours long.  
  • Subsequent sessions are 1 hour long.
  • In most cases, depending on your situation, you don't need more than 3 additional sessions to see the results manifesting in your life.
  • Sessions always include counselling and "spiritual homework" based on what came up during the healing.
  • Packages are prepaid in advance and to be used within the subsequent 90 day period, with a minimum of 1 week intervals between sessions.

Initial session:    $180
Duration:  90 minutes

Follow up Package Sessions:
1 session      -   $115
2 sessions     -   $220
3 sessions     -   $300
Duration:   1 hour each session