Welcome to Songs of the Sacred Self


Located @ 36 Haji Lane, Level 3


I am leaving Singapore soon for good rather unexpectedly and closing my Holistic Centre on Haji Lane. My Centre has been an extension of me, it was always meant to be like a home away from home. A place for people to feel good in when they stepped into it. I will miss it and those who I have met through its existence and my work in the spiritual community here in Singapore.

My own spiritual actualisation came into being full force here and I am very grateful for this. I've met some lovely people here. My Facebook page will continue, if you wish to follow it.

Thank you all for your support, I will miss those of you I've met here in Singapore in person and I hope you can pop in to see me at Haji Lane just to say hello and goodbye, before I leave. 

Wishing you all an amazing journey in your lives. Stand in your courage and help this beautiful Earth to shift to something our children and grandchildren and generations to come can be happy living on it and with all humanity.

You are invited to take a last look at these beautiful representations of the energies I work with and see if you would like to give any of them a home with you.

In addition to the already deeply discounted older items and the 10% discount on all wands, you will find:

  • 10% discount on all but one or two new statues
  • discounts on prints
  • discounts on a very large selection of tarot and oracle decks
  • discounts on all silk tarot bags
  • discounts on some books
  • discounts on all Jasmine Becket-Griffith products

This is the last promotion discount I will hold. For any items that do not sell, I will pack them up lovingly and take them with me. However, it would be lovely to leave behind these beautiful energies anchored in your homes across Singapore.

Beautiful blessings everyone
With Gratitude to You All
♥ Regina



Tuesday to Friday:                   12 to 6:30pm                                   Saturday:                                12 to 7pm (closed June 24)
Monday & Sunday:                 closed                                                 Public Holidays:                       closed (open June 26)

Welcome to my Sanctuary for healing the Self & the Earth, for self-empowerment & the discovery of personal inner wisdom & truth through mystical, spiritual & practical tools, techniques & experiential guidance learned through LIFE & not just books.

I help people to find their personal truth and self-power, by inspiring them and being inspired by them. I help people to find their inner strength and courage to look at their life and to change if they really want to. I support them, but not coddle them, giving practical ways to live life with awareness. We grow together and learn from each other.

I also teach people how to connect with Beings who were once a part of this Earth, who can still help them and be their Ally.  I offer intuitive energy healing services, mentoring, classes & workshops.  I often work with Dragon Energy but use various tools and techniques that I have discovered through my own healing and learning experience that have worked for me.  Although intuitive and psychic, I'm quite logical and grounded in my own life and in the mentoring I offer to people.  

The playful and fun side of me is reflected in my love of the mystical beings. I have gathered together a wide range of interesting and beautiful products, such as books, incense, t-shirts, tarot/oracle cards, statues, bags and more, to bring the beauty of how I see these beings to others.  Many people feel the peace and tranquility the moment they come through the door to my little sanctuary in the eclectic Haji Lane of Kampong Glam. 

I feel each of us has a role to play on this Earth, each endowed with special gifts, each holding a piece of the puzzle of Life containing information on how to heal ourself and this exquisite, beautiful planet on which we are blessed to live.  We are all mystics if we want to be.  I guide through my own experience of the interconnectedness of Life, helping people to travel their Sacred Path to finding the Self, who they truly are - that Magical Divine Being. 

I share only that which I practice myself, living daily with my own states of highs and lows and the insights that they bring into this pilgrimage on Earth.