The Faeries give their messages to you through the written form of the Sacred Languages of the Self and through glyphs and drawings that tell a story for you.  

To do this, I connect first into the Realm of the Faes, calling upon the assistance of the first two Faeries who came to me years ago, Sheya and Fey, and to Tanna (also known as the Goddess Diana, believed to be the Queen of the Faeries by some who follow the path of the Strega).  

Afterward I connect into your Being, in essence creating a link between you and the Faeries so they may see what messages they wish to give to you.  If done in person, I am often speaking in Sacred Languages of the Self and going back and forth between touching your hands and drawing.  If a session is being done at a distance, the energy of the non-physical "intended" touch works just as well.

After I feel I have drawn the entire message, I then translate it into English in a poetic style that seems to be the preferred format of the Faes.  The message is then discussed with you.

These Faery messages, along with gentle healing to the crown, throat, third eye and heart chakras, is often about your gifts, ways of healing yourself, awakening you to other mystical guides, how to create or strengthen your bond to nature, and more.  In their message, the Faeries can also ask for your help with something, such as healing the Earth. They guide you as to what you can do.  This is also a way of giving back to them for the gift of the message/healing they have given to you.  It is an "energy exchange" between you and the Faes and one not to be taken lightly, when requested. It is an exchange to be honoured or the Faes can choose to no longer bless you with their presence or assist you.

Afterward, your message can be used in meditation to bring you into closer connection with the Realm of the Faes and to gain further insights into its meaning.

Energy Exchange:  80 Euros (prepaid)
Duration:  1 hour
Includes:  23x30cm Sacred Languages of the Self drawing and written message in English.
Skype Sessions available - 
         Messages can be scanned and sent to you via email and/or mailed to you via regular post.