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Making Magick Workshop

  • Songs of the Sacred Self (map)

Minimum # participants: 3
Cost: $411
Early Bird : $388 (register before Sept 8) 
100% deposit required upon registration. 
Payment by Paypal or in the Centre by NETS or cash.

**Registration Closure: Sept 15
Due to the preparation needed, if you sign up after this, you will not be able to be receive all of the materials provided to participants.

Facilitated by: Morgan Awyong


This course is a beginners in-depth look at Pagan practices with hands on exercises that include the following:

• What is Magick?
• High and Low Magick
• What is Being a Pagan/Witch in Asia like? 
• Tools of Magick (crystals, wands, chalice, candles, pentacle, incense…)
• The Importance of Meditation to Magick
• Spell Casting and Ingredients Needed
• Creating a Sacred Space
• Casting a Circle
• Entities and Elements Pagans Work With
• Clearing, Protection, Consecration, Invocation, Banishing, Grounding
• Working with the Moon
• Sabbats (major festivals) and Esbats (minor festivals) 
• How to Create a Mojo Bag
• Suggested Reading Materials
• Morgan’s Personal Tips 

As part of the course, you will receive the following materials:

• Ingredients for space cleansing and creation (sage, traditional incense, Japanese incense)
• A charged crystal to your purpose (let Morgan know what intentions you would like the crystal attuned to for you prior to the workshop)
• Ingredients to create a mojo bag
• An intuitive watercolour crystal attuned specifically to you • Information booklet with all that is covered in the workshop