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What it Means to be Practically Pagan

  • Songs of the Sacred Self (map)

The word Pagan means many things to people and is often misconstrued as something it is not, and/or confused with other practises. This informative and intersting talk by long-time practitioner Morgan Awyong, will bring the realm of supposed witches, wizards, druids, shamans and witch doctors into better perspective for you and dispel the shrouds of myths and mystery behind this broad belief system.

Morgan will touch on:
- What is Paganism exactly?
- What is the global and local history of Paganism?
- What are the different types of Paganism?
- Is it an evil belief system?
- What is magick?
- What is spell-casting?
- What are wands, pentacles, crystals, herbs used for?
- With who and what can you work?
- Is there a “price” to pay for working with magick?

Morgan will relay some of his own personal experiences as a Pagan working with the above elements of the practice.

NOTE: This talk is an intro, as well as a precursor, to a comprehensive hands on full-day class to follow in September. It is very useful if you want to educate yourself on what Paganism is really about. It's also a very good insight to help you decide whether or not it is something you wish to explore further indepth.


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