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Healing with Sacred Languages of the Self

  • Songs of the Sacred Self (map)

Learn to speak and to heal yourself with the tones/sounds that you are suppressing - your Sacred Languages of the Self. Part of this workshop will also involve you learning how to write in your tones that come forth. The tones and sounds of these languages are often suppressed within us by trauma, illusion, fear, pain and blocked memories. When we allow these Sacred Languages to emerge, we can begin to shift ourselves to another level of consciousness, releasing blockages within us and thus facilitating our own healing of this life and others.

If you experience any of the following then this workshop is worth considering coming to:
The urge to speak what you think is nonsense at times when chanting, singing, listening to music or walking in nature
The urge to reply to someone speaking in these types of languages and a feeling of “knowing” as if you’ve heard it before.
Any of the above accompanied by a pressure or feeling of swirling energy in the throat that can often feel uncomfortable and persistent.
A choking feeling rising up or a strange shift in your tone when you chant mantras for the chakras during meditation.

I have helped people to access their own sacred languages in various ways - during mere 20 minute mini-healing sessions at the Heart Mind Body festivals in Singapore and New Zealand, as well as in mini-workshop, private healing sessions and via Skype. When the languages release, it can be cathartic in many different ways.

♥ Cost: $55
Please arrive 5-10 mins early. Doors will close at 7:05pm

♥ TO REGISTER, please email: or text at 9777-4967

♥ BE POLITE PLEASE - If you have to cancel, kindly inform me ASAP to enable me to set up & prepare properly for those attending.