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Working & Self-Healing with Dragon Energy

  • Songs of the Sacred Self (map)

In this extended workshop you will be learning how to invite Dragon energy into your field and how to work with these Beings on an ongoing basis for healing the self.  If you need courage to face something in your life or are going through a major change or shift, then Dragons can be wonderful allies on your journey.

We will begin this workshop with information about the Dragons (how they existed then and now), including any questions of them that you have after the intro that will be answered through me.  I will then lead you through the process of trying to connect with one as a personal Ally, a relationship of mutual respect.  Once this has been established, we will then go on to work with the Dragon energy specifically in regard to cutting cords to energies that no longer serve, as well as to memories connected to these energies that impede your primordial life force from flowing fluidly.

During these sessions, I am speaking in Sacred Languages of the Self to call in and speak with Dragons. Part of this workshop will also have you accessing tones and sounds to speak with them at a non-cognitive and primal level while going through a connection ceremony. It is a possibility that at this time your own Sacred Languages may activate.

I have worked intuitively with Dragons, often calling on them during healing sessions to assist in shifting stagnant energies that are deeply lodged and helping people to reach into themselves to bring forth their innate capabilities and gifts, to stand in their own power and truth. They are with me at all times, protecting me when I am too weak when ill, by guarding my energetic borders. They are wise, kind and ancient, helping me to discover new things about myself and them. They are my Friends and I love them.

If you desire this type of relationship with a Dragon, then perhaps this is the workshop for you.


♥ Cost: $110
Please arrive 5-10 mins early. Doors will close at 2:05pm

♥ TO REGISTER, please email: or text at 9777-4967

♥ BE POLITE PLEASE - If you have to cancel, kindly inform me ASAP to enable me to set up & prepare properly for those attending.