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Finding & Working with Your Guides in the Most Effective Way

  • Songs of the Sacred Self (map)

Do you know what types of guides you want or which are the best ones to help you? Do you know how to define for what you need the help? Do you know how to speak with your guides and to understand their answers? Do you have so many guides you cannot keep track and are confused by their messages? Can ghosts/spirits be guides? Do you really need to connect with guides at all?

These are some of the subjects we will be covering in this workshop to teach you how to make the most of your connection with those unseen forces that come to our assistance, bidden and unbidden. You will also be learning to know when your guides are truly speaking with you versus energies that appear to be guides, but are not. How do we get rid of these types of energies without being in fear?

The guides with whom I work currently are Dragons. I also have three animal guides and call on angelic assistance from time to time. There are also certain God & Goddess energies that I connect with as well as those in the Realm of the Mer People and Faeries/Elves. In the past I’ve had guidance from other animals and from the Archangel Michael, who specifically helped me to assist lost/wandering spirits to pass into their next realm of existence. I went through the phases of having to recognise various types of energies and to learn how to protect myself from the not so benevolent ones. It’s a question that often arises especially when we are new to the energy that is beginning to ignite through us as we awaken to our connection to Source and all life.


♥ Cost: $55
Please arrive 5-10 mins early. Doors will close at 7:05pm

♥ TO REGISTER, please email: or text at 9777-4967

♥ BE POLITE PLEASE - If you have to cancel, kindly inform me ASAP to enable me to set up & prepare properly for those attending?