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Learn to Connect & Work with Dragons

  • Songs of the Sacred Self (map)

If you need courage to face something in your life or are going through a major change or shift, then Dragons can be wonderful allies on your journey. Learn more about these mysterious Beings found in the myths and legends of countries across the Earth - how they exist now, did they exist and how they can help us. You will learn how to connect with one to help you as an Ally, a relationship of mutual respect. 

During these sessions, I am speaking in Sacred Languages of the Self to call in Dragons. Together we will be accessing tones and sounds to speak with them at a non-cognitive and primal level and going through a connection offering ceremony.

I have worked intuitively with Dragons, often calling on them during Intuitive Healing sessions to assist in shifting stagnant energies that are deeply lodged and helping people to reach into themselves to bring forth their innate capabilities and gifts, to stand in their own power and truth. 

Dragons can be protective, kind and wise if you are fortunate enough to connect with one as an “Ally”. Will one come to connect with you? Are you ready for him or her? Have you lost contact with a Dragon and want to reconnect? What messages will they bring for you? Or will the Dragons bring another Being forth as a guide for you in its place if it is deemed necessary?

♥ Cost: $50
Please arrive 5-10 mins early. Doors will close at 11:05am

♥ TO REGISTER, please email: or text at 9777-4967

♥ BE POLITE PLEASE - If you have to cancel, please inform me ASAP to enable me to set up & prepare properly for those attending.