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MONTH OF MIRACLES - A Call to See the Everyday Miracles in Life

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This month of November, you are invited to find one or more things in your day that are miracles. We do this as an intentional practise every day to open ourselves up to experience more miracles and blessings by the observation of those that are already existing around us.

Miracles happen all the time around us but we are often so wrapped up in our everyday life that we don't see them. We don't see the little miracles that happen - those times someone gives up their seat to us on the bus when we are tired from work, when someone lets us in front of them in line at the cashier when we are in a hurry, when someone smiles at us when we are feeling down or when a tiny flower is growing through a crack in the road where nothing else grows. It is a miracle that we wake up every day, that we breathe, that the sun rises and sets, and that there are stars and a moon in the night sky.

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KEEP A Miracle Journal :
Start a Miracle Journal or simple list. It doesn't have to be complicated. If you have that something special you like to write in, it can make this more special. Every day write down what you have seen as miracles, big or small. Keep it somewhere handy to remind you to do this exercise.

SHARE Your Miracle:
You can post in the comments of the event page about the miracles that have happened to you or that you have witnessed. You can also post inspirational photos, quotes and stories of miracles. Know that your sharing may open the door for another to see something differently and help them heal their pain, stress, anxiety or fears. Also through this sharing, we strengthen the bonds of Oneness that can seem so fragile at times and we learn to trust another who we may not know.

WHY do this?
We are healing ourselves, opening ourselves up to more blessings by increasing our awareness of the simple gifts given to us every day. And, in the sharing with others, uplifting them and creating a beautiful energy that can permeate out across this exquisite Earth on which we are blessed to live.

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