dream analysis

Dreams have been interpreted in many ways throughout the ages. The same signs and symbols are found in our awake time as well as our dream time, yet we don’t always realize how and why. This one-on-one session helps you to interpret dreams and signs around you so you can understand the messages and clues that life (your highest self and guides) is giving you.

During our session, we look at various ways to interpret signs you have questions about that are specific to you.  We walk through a dream analysis process of any specific dreams you wish to explore. At this point, you will not be able to take notes and a recording will be made to send to you later.  The method explored is one you can take away and use on yourself afterward.

The ultimate goal of this session is to teach you how to gain clarity through various tools used in dreamwork and symbology; to better see synchronicities around you and make more informed choices through this increased awareness.

Energy Exchange:  $130 per hour
Duration:  1 hour
Includes recorded dream analysis in mp3 format sent after the session via dropbox.
Skype Sessions available.