For those unable to attend a Dragon Circle, I offer private sessions to teach how to intuitively connect with a Dragon and how to interact with these mystical, magestic and, at times, temperamental Beings.

These sessions can at times be emotional as we are accessing those parts of ourselves for which we ask the Dragons to come to our aid. During these sessions, I am speaking in Sacred Languages of the Self to call in Dragons.  Together we will be accessing tones and sounds to speak with them at a non-cognitive and primal level.

I have worked intuitively with Dragons, often calling on them during Intuitive Healing sessions to assist in shifting stagnant energies that are deeply lodged and helping people to reach into themselves to bring forth their innate capabilities and gifts.  

Dragons are mysterious Beings found in the myths and legends and countries across the Earth. They can be protective, kind and wise if you are fortunate enough to connect with one as a “friend”. Will one come to connect with you? Are you ready for him or her? Have you lost contact with a Dragon and want to reconnect? What messages will they bring for you? Or will the Dragons bring another Being forth as a guide for you in its place if it is deemed necessary?

Energy Exchange:  $155
Duration:  75-90 mins 
Skype Sessions available