Thought for today - experience something

Life passes all too quickly - for me it seems it flies as I get older. Already the year is two months old. When we find ourself questioning where the time has gone, it often means we let it pass in habitual unaware actions, so that nothing seems remarkable or stands out.

Yet, we think we must do something brilliant and extraordinary to fulfill our life and make it seem we have lived. This is not true because in the mundane we can find the extraordinary. If we could open ourselves up to change our ritualistic daily habits to include something even slightly different such as taking a different route to work, reading a new author, listening to music we never used to like to see if our tastes have changed, trying a different food, speaking in a different way to our children or stop speaking and listening, doing the chore at the bottom of the list first, sitting in a different chair at the table for dinner.... so many opportunities to do one extraordinary thing each day so that when we look back we can remember and not let life be blurred into days and years passed unaware.

Yes, I need to take my own advice. It feels even more important to do so now that I'm older and ritualistic routine with life's obligations of family life, work, etc, are always present. It's not easy because we are tired. Sometimes we are tired because we are bored. It takes a conscious choice to spice up life. I want to try. I don't want to feel life passing by. It's incorrect to say "life is passing us by in front of our eyes" because we don't even have them open.