Healing Through Writing - Results from August Class

Some of my own feelings coming through as I asked the class to write about something we cannot really know - TIME.  Another writing exercise was using words generated by everyone in response to a word I gave randomly.  We then had to write something using as many of the words that had been generated.  Very interesting to see the themes coming out as a group. A lot around aging and coming to terms with being a Divine Being at our core, and balancing it with the human form we are currently in.


Anxiety lighting everything up.
To be able to move with the stars
And look down at the minutes flowing,
The lives those minutes control.

To watch my life
And see the loopholes
I could make through events
If no time constraints.

My age seems just a number
But I feel so old,
So old..
What does time travel do to the soul?
The constant looping through.
Do the stars remain the same
Each life I travel through?

What is constant?
Absolutely nothing.
Why keep photos
Except to burden the soul
With the prisoners of time?


Word Generation

The waters in my heart
Bring the night owl's call
Under the dying moon
Close to me.

Into the cave of my fears and sorrow,
I stand like an enemy,
Challenging the impressions
That number uncountable.

The child from that time,
Beckons from her boat at sea
For me to immerse myself
In the music of life
And play in the sand.

It could be fun,
Something remembers.