Yes, you do really love yourself!

"I don't love myself."  
How many times have you said this to someone or been told this?  

The reality, is that we DO love ourselves, we just don't realise it.  We are so warped into believing that we have to be a certain way, that unless we meet those perceived "high" standards, it's impossible we actually love ourself.

Look at your life.  Look at the times you are kind, gentle, compassionate, caring, supportive. This is loving yourself because you are loving and caring for that which is only another facet of you.  These other facets, are the people who are mirrors for you for both the positive and the negative, connected to you by the Infinite, through energetic strands of light fibres that permeate the universe.

Look carefully at your life.  Do you buy yourself things?  Do you eat food?  Do you dress in clothes that make you feel good?  Do you take care of yourself?  

Your answers may have a "but" attached to them such as, "Yes I eat, but I don't think I eat as healthy as I should." or "I only buy myself the things I think necessary."

STOP negating the areas of your life like this.  See them for what they are and make a choice.  Own up to loving yourself at some level and the fact that you want to love yourself even more, but may need some help how to do it - e.g.: how can I live a more healthy life?  Find someone to help you, if you must. Don't be egotistical, unrealistic and stubborn.

The simple fact is that we DO indeed love ourselves at some level, it's just that many of us are also lazy and make excuses about improving ourselves and this turns into "I don't love myself enough."  These excuses are often based on the belief systems that keep getting thrown at us daily that we unwittingly tune into and allow to monopolise our feelings, emotions and thinking.

For about 7 months after my mother died, my shoulders hurt so badly that I could barely raise my arms. I would literally feel stunned in pain by any sudden jolt to my body.  I finally decided I couldn't do the healing on myself. I needed professional help to ease the pain. Living this way could not continue.  It became hard to function when my entire being was focused on the pain and the restrictions it was causing.  I had to let go of the stubbornness of my ego that I could heal this physical pain on my own.

Not wanting to beat myself up with continual pain that could possibly be healed through the expertise of another person, was a way of loving myself. Four months later, through Network Spinal Analysis, I could raise my arms above my head and had discovered a lot of other things about myself along the way. My choice to reach out to trust another had been worth sacrificing my ego.

It's time to step into our own power, the love of the self that exists already, and build on it.  We must stop fearing reaching out for help if we need it, but also be ready to look within.  To love the self means also looking into the recesses of our life, the shadowy bits, and wanting to love ourself more... wanting to strengthen our connection to the Infinite and the Web of Life, wanting to really and truly be ALIVE.

REMEMBER - where you see beauty and love around you, where you can reach out to another, where you can be there for another, pat yourself on the back because it means you do indeed love yourself. Wanting to breath, to express, to eat - all indicate we love ourselves somewhere, somehow.  By the simple admission that you do love yourself (at some level), you are allowing it to grow into something so much more powerful and beautiful indeed.

- extract from May 2016 Newsletter