Forgotten Promises & Keys to Reality

I feel like I'm being admonished here by the Faes, and rightly so... Since I received this image and writing, I have been seeing keys everywhere and very much been feeling the thoughts of the Mer People

Mermaid friends
Are standing near
Wondering why
Their words
You no longer hear?

They need you now
To transform the land
Now is time
To make a stand.

Where are the people
You promised to bring
To heal our waters
And those within?

The volcano people
Are calling you,
Have you forgotten
That promise too?

What is this thing
You call spirituality?
Do you think
We do all the work?
Or perhaps you think
Only merriment we make?

But merriment comes
After the other games
One we must all participate in
If we do not wish for life to end.

Within each human
Is a sacred key
Open it, if you dare
To learn of you and me.

The masked ones
Create their dance
Drums beat loud
Calling those that chance
To see the visions we give
To those with the ability
To unlock reality.

~ received November 23, 2015, Singapore