Month of Miracles - Day 2: Sound, Breath, Voice & the Artist...

I was tuned in today to the miracle of sound, breath/wind (air) and hearing.  There was beautiful singing from a nearby school this morning.  Without the breeze, the lovely notes would not have floated my way. Without the sense of hearing, I could not have appreciated them.

Breath, sound, voice - all are miracles of vibration. As I write this, I know the internet is transcribing my words into another type of vibration to be felt through the eyes.  There is a further miracle in the alphabet (English for me) and all the symbols that can be represented when the letters are combined, giving information that can be globally recognised, yet interpreted differently according to experience and culture.  

How will you interpret what you read here? Is it the way I want it to be?  Yet, another miracle is how we, as individuals, perceive the thoughts, actions and words of another. No two perceptions are exactly the same, even though they may be similar. Even our own perception of a word may change over time.

Out of this perception comes our individual creativity. Many of us think we are not artists, but we are indeed. Every day is a palette on which we create our life, based on our perceptions.  Our perceptions are the medium - oil paint, ink, watercolours, charcoal - by which we create life. Our body is the tool - the brush, the pen, the crayon, fingers - we use to create the masterpiece.

As we create our life, do we flow like brushes or do we sketch things out roughly and fill them in later?  Or do we erase them and start over, believing them imperfect? Do we smudge over parts we don't like in an attempt to fix them or cover them with a fresh coat of completely different coloured paint to hide them?

Can we see ourself as the artist of our life, knowing that the inspiration is the energy of Source flowing within us?  What happens when we are cut off from that Source? What happens when our relationship with Source is forgotten or like that of a child who feels he will be punished if he does something wrong according to the perceptions of others? What happens to the palette, the paints and the brushes then?

From hearing those magical notes this morning, my thoughts have wandered to this topic of our relationship with whatever it is we call God, Source, the Infinite.  I ask myself if a child's growth is very expansive and exuberant if he or she is in fear of punishment all the time.  For me, the answer is no. This was my own experience growing up in a Catholic environment, one mostly of fear of reprisal by God if I didn't do what the Bible and the Church said. 

I feel we are inspired to grow when we know we are loved, safe, cherished and appreciated - even amidst what seems like chaos in our life.  We grow confident, kind, trusting in unity with Life when we feel embraced in the arms of the Artist of us All and in the parents or guardians whose life we are entrusted as children. Our voices are then strong and carried by the wind to be heard by those receptive to our song.

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