Message from the Forgotten Faes

Seeking within
Seeking without
In Earth
In Sky
In Plants
In doubt.

Waters, waters
Cleansing within,
The times of sorrow
Have come again.

Fragile butterflies
Waiting to spread their wings,
These are the children
Being planted within.

Show them the sun inside,
Show them to see
With their own eyes
Show them to speak
With words they know.

Allow them any fears
To tumble out
Into a well of comforting love
For all that was doubt
And unjustly done
To be pure again.

Here are we
Waiting to help
Their tender leaves to grow
To reach out and up
To touch the stars and the moon.

Away they will go
From you some day
And you and we can be proud
Of all they will say.

For they will remember
The love you and we gave
That they so happily received.
We wait until that day
When we are remembered again.

We are always near
To be heard.

When will you remember too
The times with us that you once knew?