Man bashing isn't helping to find a solution

I've just read a post on Facebook that just makes me want to shake women. I'm fed up of the man-bashing as if we women are guiltless and above reproach for anything we as women do. Yes we marry men, take their name (only in some cultures!), have children through childbirth pain (not everyone thinks it's awful), raise the kids, cook, clean etc etc etc. If you go into a marriage believing you have to be a servant to your husband then you will. If you go into it knowing what kind of person you are marrying and that you will or are willing to do these things, don't bitch because you mistakingly thought you could change him along the way.

Men have their own set of issues.. Ask any Counselor. Stop watching TV shows, so called reality TV (how authentic do you think people are knowing thousands of people are watching them through a camera?) and being sucked in by mass media that place men and women into certain mindsets - the manipulative woman, the ball scratching man, he doesn't appreciate me, she's always nagging...

Having said all of the above about stereotyping, I am well aware that there are cultures where women have lower status and little rights. Man bashing will not serve to resolve this. And yes, I know (and have experienced it myself) that in many places men are paid more than women. These are things that are slowly changing but I don't feel that this type of feminine vs masculine is helping us at all. There needs to be another solution. I don't know what the solution is either... Perhaps start with raising our children by not stereotyping what little boys and little girls are supposed to do or say or wear. Blue for boys, pink for girls, dolls for girls, trucks for boys....then maybe they won't grow up as 'manipulative women' or 'beer guzzling insensitive men.'