Belvaspata Angel Healing initiation and certification is done either in physical Workshops in groups or as a Mentoring process, whereby you study on your own, and initiate yourself into Belvaspata with my guidance.  

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There are 4 levels of Belvaspata that are to be completed to attain the designation of Belvaspata Grand Master. Levels 1 & 2 can be done together, followed by the Master & Grand Master Levels together.  There is a 3 month waiting period between the first two levels and the Master/Grand Master Levels, during which you are expected to practise in preparation for the higher levels.  

Following a 6 month waiting period after completion of the Master & Grand Master Levels, you may register on the International Belvaspata Directory of Practitioners.

- Group Certification by Workshop -

A minimum of 2 people are needed to hold a group certification for Belvaspata.  During a certification workshop, we will go through what is needed in order to initiate and I will advise you on the process for doing healing sessions.  We explore the different types of Belvaspata so that you become familiar with what they are doing and so you will know which sigils you are able to use at the various levels of certification.  We work through the processes of integrating the concepts of Belvaspata and once you are initiated, you will practice on each other as the last part of the training.  The Belvaspata music and books are provided as part of this training.

Workshop Price for Levels 1 & 2:   $300
Duration: 1.5 days

Includes:  Belvaspata Volume 1 and Healing of the Angels music.

Workshop Price for Master & GrandMaster Levels:  $175
Duration: 1 day
Note:  Belvaspata Volume 1 is used again for these Levels.

- certification by Mentoring -

Mentoring is done via Skype and email for those seeking support as they study to self-initiate into Belvaspata.

You will need to purchase/download the books and music from Almine's site to study from and follow the info on what to do to prepare for self-initiation.  I will guide you on which books/music to purchase.  This mentoring to help you understand the self-initiation process which includes translation of the initiation ceremony into the Language of the Holy Mother.  This is a very special and powerful process and energetically many feel a transformation already taking place as they are working on this.  I am also there to answer questions you have about doing healing sessions on yourself or others, questions about Belvaspata itself and anything that comes up during that time.  

Below are the mentoring options I offer.  

- Mentoring For Belvaspata Levels 1 & 2
Includes emailing Q&A, verification and correction of translations, official certificate, one Skype Q&A, 1 hour practice BVP session after initiation whereby you do a session for me via Skype.  This is so I can see how you are doing with it, additional questions that arise and for you to start to be comfortable doing sessions for others.  It also helps with any hesitation to practice out loud on someone because you’re afraid you’ll say the angels’ names wrong or make a mistake.

  • Energy Exchange:   $250

- Mentoring For Belvaspata Master & GrandMaster Levels
Includes emailing Q&A, verification and correction of translations and official certificate.  As you should be much more familiar with Belvaspata by this point, there is less involved, with the bulk of my work being the checking of your translation of the initiation ceremony, which is much longer.

  • Energy Exchange:   $150

- Mentoring PLUS Belvaspata Healing Sessions:
I found it very beneficial for myself to have sessions with my mentor when I was self-initiating, because I wished to experience how the process worked and also to discover how Belvaspata made me feel.  As such, I offer this option at a discounted rate, if you wish to also have healing sessions as part of your mentoring.

  • 1 Skype 1-hour Healing Session PLUS Mentoring :     +$110
  • 3 Skype 1-hour Healing Sessions PLUS Mentoring :   +$290
    * To be paid in advance with the Mentoring fee.