I'm an intuitive healer and mentor, originally from the Bahamas (where some believe part of Atlantis to be submerged), but currently make my home in Singapore. I speak, write and draw what I call Sacred Languages of the Self (many call it Light Language), communicating and doing healing sessions and workshops with Beings such as Angels, Dragons, Faeries, Unicorns, Mermaids, Star Races and other energies that come through. I have also been writing what I call “mystical poetry” that expresses connection to Source and the eternality of our existence – it is often received first through my Sacred Languages writing and afterward it is automatically interpreted into English. 

Because it felt right for me, I also became a certified Munay-Ki Rites Instructor and have been initiated to give beautiful Oneness Deeksha Blessings. Through visions during meditation I saw how to intuitively use Crystals, one way was to connect them like lay lines in the body causing areas to activate and come online. I dabble with Tachyon for myself and also learned basic Colour Light Therapy after receiving in dreams and visions again that there is a whole realm of colours that are unseen that hold certain vibrations and tones. After a huge shift during the workshop, I practise the Form Reality Practice and CosmoFORM and share these freely with people.


How did it all happen?

I used to be a Reiki and Kundalini Reiki practitioner, having been initiated into Reiki Level 1 when I was pregnant. Several years later, during a typical Reiki share, when it was my turn to give Reiki, my body started visibly vibrating and I began spontaneously crying. I couldn’t move my hands from the person I was touching until assisted. That night, my body hot, I lay in bed and felt distinct waves of "something" washing up and down me from head to toe. I didn’t know what was happening and was later informed that my third eye must have opened.  But no-body really could tell me what was happening to me.

I continued to vibrate noticeably for several weeks. A visit to a Past Life Regressionist catapulted me into the reality of other lives and the shadow self. Triggers in my environment caused me to regress spontaneously into visions of these lives while doing every day things like watching a film or even walking down the street. Abilities arose – the ability to sense another’s emotions and the cause, the ability to speak to spirits, power animals, faeries and angels, the ability to sense malevolent entities on myself and others and pull them off, the ability to help spirits who approached me cross over into a light they saw behind me aided by the Archangel Micheal and a white tiger names Samuel…

I started to grow away from Reiki, not finding it to be enough for what I was experiencing. I began to speak a “Light” Language that I knew at once was my own language from many eons of existence ago. Since that time, many other of these “Sacred Languages of the Self” have surfaced and I am now able to "activate" them in others. Shortly after the first of these languages, I discovered the mystic, Almine, and studied many of her teachings, finding them to resonate much with what I was experiencing. 

When the Sacred Languages of the Self began, I no longer sensed spirits and the type of entities I had previously. Instead, my interaction became more and more with mystical beings, in particular Angels, then Dragons, Faeries, Unicorns and Mermaids. It continues to grow all the time as I become more and more open to energies for which I cannot give a name. I refuse to try to box them into a word or label that we as humans try to impose on such things, so that our mind can try to neatly comprehend and place into its filing system.  I've communicated with energies that were related to the land upon which I walked, others that were off-Earth and of other dimensions including ones that resembled DNA. There has always been some sign, some "coincidence" that happens whenever I have doubted my own sanity when this has happened. LOL!

This unexpected journey has opened me up to many profound ideas and discoveries of what is my own truth and permitted me to observe many synchronicities and receive messages. Sometimes signs have been so “in my face” that I would be an blind to ignore them. And at other times, they are elusive in their meaning but so very persistent in their appearances.  Many often appear connected through the Mayan Tzolkin Calendar.   I have always felt guided by my highest self, that Divine part of me. It was funny to find out that my Tzolkin Kin is RED MAGNETIC EARTH and that those who are of the "Magnetic" Tone are always guided by their highest self. 

For me, we are already ONE, already interconnected, interwoven. We are striving to maintain this Oneness and to move it into a higher frequency somehow, something even more magnificent and beautiful than Oneness. Each of us has so many capabilities, so many gifts to offer this Earth. Sadly, so many of us have forgotten this for a plethora of reasons. We have forgotten from where we originated… and that we are truly Magical Divine Beings.

But now, it’s time to remember… don’t you think?