Welcome to Songs of the Sacred Self

Welcome to your Sanctuary for healing the Self & the Earth, for self-empowerment & the discovery of personal inner wisdom & truth through mystical, spiritual & practical tools, techniques & experiential guidance learned through LIFE & not just books.

I help people to find their personal truth and self-power, by inspiring them and being inspired by them. I help people to find their inner strength and courage to look at their life and to change if they really want to. I support them, but not coddle them, giving practical ways to live life with awareness. We grow together and learn from each other.

I also teach people how to connect with Beings who were once a part of this Earth, who can still help them and be their Ally.  I offer intuitive energy healing services, mentoring, classes & workshops.  I often work with Dragon Energy but use various tools and techniques that I have discovered through my own healing and learning experience that have worked for me.  Although intuitive and psychic, I'm quite logical and grounded in my own life and in the mentoring I offer to people.  

I feel each of us has a role to play on this Earth, each endowed with special gifts, each holding a piece of the puzzle of Life containing information on how to heal ourself and this exquisite, beautiful planet on which we are blessed to live.  We are all mystics if we want to be.  I guide through my own experience of the interconnectedness of Life, helping people to travel their Sacred Path to finding the Self, who they truly are - that Magical Divine Being. 

I share only that which I practice myself, living daily with my own states of highs and lows and the insights that they bring into this pilgrimage on Earth.